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CEO THE Human Culture

Svante Anderholm

Svante has a diverse background, having lived several years abroad and gained operational experience in both headquarters and subsidiaries of small and large global companies.

Notably, he has also made significant contributions in M&A. He prioritizes fostering a positive company culture that embraces change and places trust in its employees. Successfully leading major changes, such as restructuring and workforce reductions, he places a strong emphasis on openness and honesty. Svante’s strength lies in uniting teams toward common goals through effective communication.

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Chairman THE Human Culture

Morgan Borg

Morgan, founder of The Human Culture® program and our senior advisor, is an expert in cultivating top-tier organizational cultures.

With a track record in global companies like Pfizer Health AB and Electrolux, Morgan excels in fostering an open and development-oriented environment within teams. Renowned for contributing to “world-class cultures,” Morgan emphasizes the crucial role of a strong company culture in enhancing overall success. Morgan is currently working full time at Traton GPM, supporting a World-Class Culture.

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